What others say about John Peel – Life Preserver:

For years John Peel wrote about our community (in the Durango Herald) and captured all the nuances of the people who live and thrive in this diverse place. He does meticulous research and his writing inspires me. – Sheri Rochford-Figgs, project coordinator, Durango STEAM Park.


EUREKA! At last! Now I know so much of my family background that I  never knew before, thanks to John Peel’s SUPERB ancestry, The Adventures of Samuel Jamot Brown. John’s work has opened a whole new chapter in my life knowing where I came from. – Sam Jamot Brown


The books came on Christmas Eve day so I was able to hand them out to my siblings, children, nieces, nephews and my mother. It was a hit and got rave reviews. They loved the easy-to-follow history with a twist and the many pictures we included. 
I sent a copy to my newly found cousin who has done a lot of serious Stites history research and he wrote back: “One of the things I really admire about your book is how well written it is. I consider myself a decent writer, but genealogy tends to tie me in knots with all the different factoids being thrown at you. Your book does a great job of cutting to the chase and keeping it interesting. Kudos.” – Sam Stites