The best way to preserve a story is in a book. Adding photos, perhaps a map, and even a family tree, a full-color book is a treasure for the ages. Modern technology allows us to put this together in a relatively short time, and print books as needed. I use a combination of design software on my Mac and an Internet site to create a book to your size, and design.

Prices start at about $12.99 (plus shipping) for a 7-by-7-inch book on photo paper. My favorite size is the 10-by-8 landscape, which goes for $19.99. I charge only for layout and design, and will not mark up past the cost of actually printing and shipping the book(s).

It’s also possible to create an ebook, perhaps making it easier for the younger generations, or those who live far away (Europe? Asia?) to easily enjoy.

Life Preserver can create a family tree for you.

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