Some frequent responses to frequently asked questions:

How can I help in this process?

Help me focus on what it is you’re looking for. Should this story focus on one person? One family? Also, if you can track down old photos from your own archives or other family members, those are extremely valuable. Old journals, family albums and videos are also excellent sources for me to work from.

About how long will this take?

Depending on my work load and the availability of material, the process will take from a few days to a few weeks. I will do my best to meet your deadline for a family reunion, wedding or other occasion.

Are you a genealogist?

No, but I’m becoming one. I have access to a few basic methods of tracking your ancestors. You’re welcome and encouraged to do this on your own or find a pro. Using a paid subscription to ancestry.com, I’m generally able to track your family back to the early- or mid-1800s, and often back to the 1700s, assuming they were in America by then.

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