Pricing for books includes all aspects of creating and writing the story (interviews, research, etc.); and bookmaking, during which the story, photos and graphics are integrated into book form. Bookmaking includes scanning and Photoshop work, and layout using InDesign. See how the process works for more details about the steps involved.

I can also write just a story and leave the publishing to you (see Stories below). If you have a story and want me to put it into book form, or if you simply want me to edit a family history or other manuscript, contact me for details and pricing information.


BASIC ($1,800):

– 2,500-word story, with 3-7 interviews, basic research using (A typical chapter in an “average” book would be somewhere around this length.) Interviewees can be you, family members, friends, business associates, etc. This length allows for a concise document that can focus, say, on one family, or highlight several anecdotes of your unique history. Includes a family tree chart.

STANDARD ($3,000):

– 5,000-word biography, 3-12 interviews, extended research using premium access to sites such as (genealogy and official documents) and (newspapers and other documents), as well as historical research and more. This length allows for greater detail in telling a more complete personal and/or family history. Includes a family tree chart and timeline graphic.

EXTENDED ($4,500):

– 10,000-word biography, same as Standard but with much greater flexibility to create a longer, more in-depth narrative. If you want to delve further into your family’s history, and share the stories of how your ancestors came to America, this might be your best option. Includes family tree chart, timeline and “geneography,” which is a map showing the path your ancestors took to arrive at your birthplace.

FULL-LENGTH (price negotiable):

– This book-length historical biography involves months of work, lots of research and interviews. This could go 15,000 to 60,000 words or more. A typical novel runs 60,000 or more words.


A family tree chart.


Maps, timelines, “geneography” chart, and more. We can talk about what graphics would best embellish your story.


Each book you order will cost from $10 to $30 to have published. Your cost per book depends on book size, paper quality, cover and length. Life Preserver does not take a fee per book, but will simply set up an account on a self-publishing site. I’m happy to order for you, or you can do it on your own.

E-BOOK ($100):
  • An e-book can include the story, photos, extras, and even a short video or audio. Usually this can be done fairly easily, with a few modifications, after creating a print book. E-books can be downloaded by iPad, Kindle, desktop, laptop, and even smart phones. It’s a good way to easily share your story with family and friends across the country or around the world. And for them, it won’t cost a thing!


VIDEO ($300-$500):

  • I can create a 2- to 10-minute video from interviews/photos/old footage. Note: I am able to turn many old VHS videos into digital form to use in a video.

AUDIO ($10):

  • Creating a raw, unedited audio file from an interview. Good to have for family archives.

Just the Story

BASIC ($600):

– 1,000-word story, with 1-3 interviews, some basic research. The stories on my website’s samples of my work page are generally around 1,000 words.

EXTENDED ($1,000):

– 5,000-word biography, 3-8 interviews, extended research.